Bloccupy Revisited

I recently updated <Bloccupy> it’s an interactive media installation with kinect/video input, which I built for Projektil, Zurich in 2015. It wouldn’t run anymore for various minor reasons. plain old code-rot and no devs around to prevent it. while getting rid of some dust and freshing it all up, I did a nice screencast I […]

KinskiGL now using Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

recently I invested some time to catch up with current state-of-the-art realtime rendering techniques. after digesting the siggraph 2013 course notes from Epic I started implementing a new material and lighting system within kinskiGL. helpful resources along the way were also the “Physics and Math of Shading” presentation by Naty Hoffman and “Realtime Rendering” by Tomas Akenine-Moeller. […]

Neophyt 2014 – Procedural Growth

in 2014 I was looking into ways of simulating organic growth, with the first profound discovery being that plants are in fact fractals, yeah! they have self-similarity and their growth is governed by a set of basic rules. thus, to generate something plant-like you’re actually generating fractals. after reading some literature on the topic, namely “The […]

Psycho Manege 2015

in 2015, while working at in Zurich, I developed a piece of software for live-perfomances and visuals with the working title <Psycho Manege>. the concept-idea was to control a multi-stage round-robin filled with animated and audio-reactive 3D models via gamepads and midi-controllers. the output of the program would be projected on a 360 degree stage, […]